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GoPro Camera Hand Strap

Wear GoPro Like a Watch
Fold Camera Flat when not Shooting
Mount Rotates 360°
Secures with Hook-and-Loop Fastener
Also Straps to Poles and More


Gopro Hand Strap in Pakistan

The Gopro Hand Strap with 360° Adjustment for GoPro from Revo allows you to wear your GoPro like a watch, and in so doing achieve some very interesting camera angles. Thanks to the tilting mount, you can lay the camera flat when not in use, then quickly raise it upright when you're ready to start recording. The adjustable strap adjusts to wrists off all sizes, and opens wide enough to fit over a heavy winter jacket. It can also be useful when mounting the camera to poles and other structures--not just the human arm. In addition to tilting, you can also rotate the camera 360-degrees-- even take a selfie if so desired

Keep camera at hand to be ready in a moment's notice
Keep hands free while shooting
Rotates 360-degrees to help you achieve an optimal camera angle
Secures with hook-and-loop fastener