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Suction Cup

Gopro Windshield and Dashboard Mount

Accommodates Angled Car Windshields
Also Attaches to Most Smooth Surfaces
Adhesive Disk for Dashboard
Adjustable Arm for Optimal Positioning
Swivel Head Rotates 360°
Standard Three-Prong GoPro Interface
Includes Mounting Screw


Gopro Suction Cup in Pakistan

The Gopro Suction Cup for GoPro HERO from is a suction Gopro Suction cup mount that is specially engineered to accommodate the angled nature of a car windshield. The suction mount can tilt to work with other angles too, and the camera head rotates a full 360° to help you can get the optimal camera angle. Being a suction, the mount is not only good for windshields, or even glass; it can be attached to a variety of smooth, non-porous, flat surfaces. On top of that, it features an adhesive disk that can be used for less suction-friendly surfaces, like a car dash board.

The Gopro Suction Cup mount features the standard three-prong interface that works with virtually all GoPro HERO housings and frames. A mounting screw is included so you can secure the housing or frame to the Car Windshield and Dashboard Mount.