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Kino Flo 4Bank 4' Gaffer 2-Light Kit

100-240 VAC
2 x 4' 4Bank Lights, 2 x 4Bank Ballasts
2 x Mounts with Baby 5/8" Receiver
2 x Extension Cables: 25' Each
2 x Lamp Cases
1 x Rolling Hard Kit Case
Optional True Match Lamps: 2900K-5500K
1/3 Power Draw of Tungsten Softlights
Daylight, Tungsten or Visual Effect Lamp


KINO Flo Gaffer Kit

The KINO Flo Gaffer DMX 4' 4Bank Two Light Kit from Kino-Flo includes some of the core accessories for a two light fluorescent fixture setup. This includes two 4' 4Bank fixtures, two 4Bank DMX ballasts with North American plug, two mounts with baby receivers, two 25' extension cables, two lamp cases, and a Gaffer shipping case.

This Bundle Includes:

2 x 4Bank 4' Fixture Only
2 x 4Bank DMX Ballast (North American Plug)
2 x Extension Cable for 4-Bank Fixture - 25'
2 x Twist-On Mounting Plate w/Baby Receiver
2 x T12 6-Lamp 4' Carry Case
KAS-GAF2 Gaffer Kit Ship Case