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photography Tent

Photo Shooting Tent 60x60

Translucent Cube
Light From all Sides
White Fabric Sweep
Black Fabric Sweep
Storage Bag
Top & Front Zippered Openings for Camera
Soft, Enveloping Light for Max, Detail
Can Light From Underneath
Use any Light Source
Folds to Approximately 1/3 Open Size


Photography Tent in Pakistan

Impact makes it easy in several ways. The Photography Tent  white translucent cube has a removable front panel that facilitates positioning of the item to be photographed inside and is then closed and sealed via touch-fasteners. Long front and topside zippers offer a wide range of camera angles, and since all sides are translucent, 360 degree lighting is possible with your choice tungsten, LED, or fluorescent fixtures. You can even light a propped-up shed from underneath for a floating effect. Impact provides both white and black fabric sweeps that attach with touch fasteners for even more creative options. When finished shooting simply collapse the panels upon themselves and twist as instructed into a disc that's about 1/3 its open size. A soft case is provided for storage and transport.

This Product Not include Lighting Set

Soften and reflect light while eliminating glare and hot spots.
Seamless background for clean, elegant shots.
Removable front cover with camera lens slit.
Collapsible and portable, easy to carry.
Can be washed by water, easy to clean.
Free 4 backdrops (red, white, blue, and black).
It is ideal for shoot small and medium products, such as jewelry, toys, electronics, cosmetics and so on.