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Studio Soft Umbrella 185cm White

Extra-large studio reflector umbrella for very wide illumination
Universal size
Especially high level of reflection
High light yield
Box contents: studio reflector umbrella; storage bag


Studio Umbrella in Pakistan

Studio Umbrella Extra large studio umbrella especially for wide illumination. Fits all screen mounts (except Elinchrom flash heads). White for a particular soft light. It is ideal for shooting indoors or in beauty shoot! It has a closed length of 110 cm, an open outside dimension of 215 cm and a diameter of 185 cm.


Board Reflective Umbrella

Also known as Studio Umbrella  or bounce boards, this kind of reflector is located independent of a light source; the light is reflected off its surface, either to achieve a broader light source, or control shadows and highlights, or both. This kind of reflector generally has a very low reflectivity factor that varies widely according to surface texture and colour.[2] As a result, it is most commonly used to control contrast in both artificial and natural lighting, in place of a fill light or "kick" light. In this case, light "spilling" from the main ambient or key light illuminating a scene is reflected back into the scene with a varying degrees of precision and intensity, according to the chosen reflective surface and its position relative to the scene.

Studio Umbrella may also be used as a means of increasing the size of the main light source, which may (or may not) retain a direct path to the scene. By positioning a board reflector close to a light source, its effective size can be increased by "bouncing" the light off it.[3] A very common example of this technique is the traditional umbrella reflector, typically having a gold, silver or matte white interior onto which a lamp fitted with a circular reflector is projected, providing a broad, soft illumination. The lamp faces away from the scene to be photographed, allowing only reflected light to be thrown forward.
Extra-large studio reflector umbrella for very wide illumination.