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Falcon Eyes Studio LED Lighting Kit DTR-800

1.Three Lights DTR-800
2.Three Lighting Stand
3.Carrying Case


Tungsten Lighting in Pakistan

The Falcon Eyes studio lighting kit is a tungsten lighting kit that is perfect for multiple applications. The lights produce a soft Tungsten finish via the use of a reflector. The finish produces a desirable warm light on the subjects and therefore improves the appearance of the subject. The Studio lights can be used both for photo and video applications

The studio lighting setup comprises of three Halogen lights DTR-800 along with 3 stands. The lights are strong enough to be used in big spaces such as on sets. These qualities make them perfect for as a film light setup, both outdoors and indoors, as well as for use on backdrops as chroma lighting. They can also be used as Video LED lights. If you are a seasoned Youtuber and are looking to upscale your studio lights this is a strong choice. They would prove very handy in portrait photography where you want lighting to be soft. and finally, you also have a carrying case for the whole setup to give you easy and convenient portability 

The Studio lights are high quality of strong built, made to last hours of use. This makes them particularly useful for video applications since they require a lot of hours of work. The lamps are bright and stay cool even after long hours. With adjustable stands you get more control over your lighting as they can be tilted or raised according to your needs. This can add a new perspective to both your photo and video workflows.

Included in Package

1.Three Lights DTR-800
2.Three Lighting Stands
3.Carrying Case