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H4n Accessory

Zoom APH-4n Accessory Pack for H4n Recorder

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Accessories to Expand Functionality
USB Cable
Attenuator Cable
AC Adapter
Splitter Cable
Hairy Windscreen


Zoom H4n Accessory Pack

The Zoom H4n Accessory Pack for H4n is designed for DSLR users. The APH-4n Accessory Pack includes a windscreen, a hot shoe mount, an RC4 remote controller, an attenuator cable and a splitter cable.

The Zoom H4n Accessory Pack hot shoe mount attaches the H4n to your DSLR camera. The RC4 remote controller allows REC, PLAY, STOP and other functions. The attenuator cable connects the H4n line output to the camera mic input. The splitter cable allows simultaneous headphone monitoring.